About Us - Unik Flowers & Gifts

Our Roots

UNIK is not only dedicated to creating floral arrangements but also creating beautiful experiences. It all started with the dream of two young women who came to the United States to undertake the voyage of entrepreneurship. This is when the universe granted them this franchise with many opportunities, full of beautiful expressions through roses and personalized gifts.  The magic continues to be reflected in each of our handcrafted products. Each of the products we make is given the time and space and render it the highest quality arrangement creating a lasting impression on our customers.




Meet The Founders 

Sharon Vidal Cueva: Entrepreneur, 32 years old, methodical, studious, perfectionist, multifaceted and with a cheerful, adaptable and creative personality, lover of details and the simple and wonderful things in life. In her professional life, she has grown through effort and perseverance, the consequence of that has been the creation of various companies, which develop and grow to this day. Her experience, creativity and her special sensitivity, today leads her to share with you this work that today has become her way of life and her passion, dedicating herself 100% to the design and organization of events. “I invite you to continue growing and to continue dreaming of UNIK Flowers & Gifts.”- Sharon

Yesenia Dalla-Pieta : As founder and public relations manager of UNIK Flowers & Gifts, Yesenia knows the importance of creating bonds with her clients, being present and alert to their call. Before founding UNIK Flowers & Gifts, she undertook in several projects in her native country in Peru where she began her dreams of entrepreneurship, working in the world of insurance in customer service providing a pleasant service, full of strength in this new venture with experience and expertise she takes care of her customers in a fluid way and listening to their needs. Yesenia stands out for her passion, intelligence, creativity, madness, and perseverance that she injects into this new project where her motto is “What is shared, it grows.” UNIK F&G is constantly flourishing and, as its founder, it is her full commitment to continue nurturing and providing the world with the connection it needs.